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Tarot, Angel and You !!  -- By Payal Tarot Card Reader

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When can opt for or go for Tarot Reading ? 

As Tarot can help in various aspects of life like Carrier, Business, Family, Health  Education,Travel, Marriage, Finance etc. thus whenever a person is in dilemma or need any guidance can ask for help from tarot reading.

How can Tarot Reading help someone ?  

Tarot reading is nothing but a tool for oue inner guidance where a seeker takes the help from Tarot cards. And a Tarot reader interprets the card for the seeker. Soultion to every problem is within us we dont need any outsider to help, and this tarot is nothing but one of the means to get that solution , reflection of our innerself. 

What are the charges for Tarot Reading or Angel reading ?

Minimum charges for Tarot reading or Angel reading will be Rs. 1500 for an hour Session min for one person. Please drop an Email for more Info. 

Why should one go for Paid Tarot reading and not Free online Tarot reading ?

As I have mentioned earlier Tarot reading is nothing but our inner self guidance , thus a free online reading cannot give the correct guidance. Thus I would suggest one should always go for paid Tarot reading and not free reading.