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Tarot, Angel and You !!  -- By Payal Tarot Card Reader

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Quotes In middle of such high commercialized astro business, everyone doubts the genuity, I came across Payal through a website and during the time of high emotional turmoil, she does stand not only for her reading but also for her advice and prayers. If I at all believe in Tarot its because of you Payal, ...I did wait to put my comments and just couldn't stop myself from writing when started experiencing all your reading coming true. Great experience. Thanks Quotes
Wonderful Experience

Quotes I Had contacted Payal 2 years back and some of her key predictions were spot on that really amazed me .I took her advice on board and it worked really well for me.I again connected with her recently and working at following her advice . I would strongly recommend Payal to others as she is extremely down to earth, accurate to the T and approachable . All the very best Payal and thanks for your valuable insights Quotes
sangitha shetty

Quotes Good guidance, quite accurate on several things about myself, problem solver too! Thanks! Quotes
G customer

Quotes Hi Payal, I wanted to wait a little bit before i could write a thank you note to you. My tarot reading experience was so great, i needed to hear all that you read for me. You were straight up honest with me and didn't sugar coat anything which I appreciate. You are generous with your time, thank you for that. I have completed my 1st level of reiki, thank you!! Will be doing my 2nd level soon. I wish you all the best in all you do. *Hugs* Quotes
So grateful

Quotes Speaking to Payal is one of the best things I have done lately. I was surrounded with a lot of confusion and negativity about things. Payal was extremely calm and listened to all my concerns very carefully and was very thoughtful to give some very simple yet meaningful advice. She brought to my notice certain things which I was doing and could not realize how wrong I was. Her positive advice, prayers, angels message and her motivation on healing through meditation was very much needed for me. It gives me a direction and a positive feeling. Thanks Payal. I will surely stay in touch and have already recommended you to a few friends :) Quotes
Excellent Advice & accurate reading

Quotes Payal Madam I would like to thank you very much for reading about my career life. Though it was a reading done through telecall, it really helped me to remove my mental tension. Payal Madam was very caring and ensured resolution of full queries. Quotes
kumar S

Quotes Payal was very understanding and quite accurate in her readings. A very caring human being. Quotes

Quotes cannot thank enough how i came across Payal. After 3 months of severe heartache and total loss of thinking process my life was at a standstill. In this time of despair not knowing what to do I found Payal to my rescue. She was so connected n easy going. She sure was not there to make money but to make me comfortable to lead a peaceful life. Every time she said something it was straight the bulls eye. She didnt challenge she didnt bet her experience, she was a pure assisting soul for me to find me the peace which existed within me. Its just two days that i have met her and I am positive already. I have manifested two positive results already. She had no solutions which needed investments but she had solutions which were within me. She added value in a space which I hadnt known existed till I met her. She is a real blessing. All my good wishes to you Payal!!!! Quotes
Positive Human

Quotes I would say yes I was at right time @ right place very accurate very positive I am happy to meet you Payal & get such a kind and peaceful guidance, Thanks a lot for every precise answers you have given me would like to recommend her guidance to all those who are seeking for correct advice.. happy to meet you @ right time !! Quotes
Soul touching, very positive & accurate reading ..

Quotes When I called Payal , I really had no idea what I should expect...I was quite unsure of how would she deal with no of queries I had etc etc...But she is one amongst those who is calm, composed, connects with you...positive and full of life. I recommend her and her skill to any body who is seeking for answers, direction :):) Great work Payal! Quotes
Soulful experience
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