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Tarot, Angel and You !!  -- By Payal Tarot Card Reader

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Tarot needs no introduction, as it is more then seven hundred years old. More then a device for divination, it provides key to understand universal truth shows the wahe art of foretelling the future by interpreting the ways of nature.y to enlightenment and tool for self understanding. In recent years its popularity has grown steadily and today the tarot is our most used tool for divination, literally means t   More Info ..  

Prior appointment is necessary for session. Please take an appointment for your Tarot or Angel reading or Reiki therapy.

Tarot is a tool that helps our soul to formulate into pictures and words whatever we need to know, if we open mindedly listen to our wise and powerful inner self.

You can come to me for your tarot reading to interpret and find the answer to the questions, and gain insight into yourself or decide on an issue or choose a path in life which requires deep insight or see what future holds.

Tarot reading can be used to solve various aspects of life from finding a soul mate or getting a job of your dream.  

Angel Reading is taking help of our Angles. Angel reading can help in every aspects of our life. Angels are powerful and loving Divine messengers who are unrestricted by time or space, so they help you continuously with all things small, medium and Large

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  • "In the journey of life we sometimes can't see the road ahead or which diversion to take. A few Guides like Madam Payal Tarot Card reader can help you / us show the road ahead...."
    A traveller
  • "Really happy with the outcome of Tarot reading done by . Payal. Got my doubt clear, feeling mush relaxed and satisfied with my Tarot reading. Thank you payal will visit again. "
    Shruti Shah
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